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Drop foot, neurological weakness or paralysis of the foot-lifting muscles, helps prevent lateral imbalance without restricting movement, improving ambulation.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Quick closure buckles helps to adjust and secure the tension of the elastic strap and foot flexion angle
  • Adjustable elastic strap with metal hook adapts to all shoe types with laces, buckles or eyelets
  • Optional foot cuff for barefoot use or swimming
  • Anatomical ankle cuff with two aluminium stays for improved support
  • Posterior foam pad for comfort on the Achilles Tendon area
  • Fits left or right foot


  • Supple textile structure (no hard components) promotes natural ambulation
  • No hindering of movements, unlike rigid AFOs
  • Allows the patient to have a natural and spontaneous walking pattern

Corrective Action

  • The elastic strap adjusts tension level and foot flexion angle, according to correction required
  • Maintaining the foot at a 90° angle helps compensate foot lifting muscles deficits
  • Lateral correction is also possible if the deficiency is more pronounced laterally


  • Podalib is compatible with almost all shoe styles
  • It can be worn with shoes or barefoot, even while swimming
  • It allows patients to enjoy all of their activities without limitations
  • Once initial set up done, it serves for all occasions


  • Breathable, honeycomb textile provides optimal comfort even during long term use
  • Adjustable ankle cuff conforms to patient’s anatomy
  • Posterior foam pad for added protection of the Achilles tendon area


  • Lightweight, low-profile, the Podalib AFO can be worn very discreetly under any type of clothing
  • Ideal for carrying out daily activities without any constraints

Ease of Application

  • Simple and intuitive application
  • One-handed application is possible


How to Apply



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