Perform'Ice Knee
Perform'Ice Knee

Perform'Ice Knee

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Reduce pain, swelling and facilitate rehabilitation. Ideal for indications requiring support of the knee with cold compression. Wraparound design with removable hinges for ease of use

Features & Benefits

  • Cold therapy & Compression: Two removable cold packs are provided for a localized external application of continuous cryotherapy, as well as an inflatable cover with manual pump to add a compressive effect.
  • The gel of the cold compress remains malleable to adapt to the affected limb.
  • Polycentric joints in aluminium, conformable to the needs of the patient.
  • Removable lateral hinges allow additional support and can be removed during the rehabilitation phase to accompany the natural movement of the joint during ambulation.
  • Two independent straps adjust the level of compression and hold.
  • The retaining straps can be extended by additional adhesive strips (size XL).
  • Easy installation thanks to the enveloping structure.
  • Knee brace: height 33 cm.
  • Delivered with protective jersey
  • Fits left or right leg


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