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The newest innovation in unloading braces from DonJoy®

Help patients say goodbye to knee pain and hello to ROAM™ OA. From picking up their grandkids to teeing off at the driving range, lightweight, low-profile joint unloading and support never felt so good—or was so easy to prescribe. ROAM helps improve mobility and provides relief by unloading the pressure of unicompartmental osteoarthritis or other knee pain.

How to fit (Patient)

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Mag-Align clips

These patented magnetic clips help align the strap connections without any fuss. Just hold the end near the attachment cap and ‘click’, you’re set.

  • Set and forget technology

You can don and remove your brace without changing any of your doctor’s settings.

  • Boa®* dial for just the right fit

Dial up or dial down to set exactly how snug the brace fits.

  • Slim profile hinge

The slim hinge design allows the brace to be worn under relaxed clothing for a discrete fit.

  • Anti-migration technology

Soft silicone helps keep the brace in place for steady comfort throughout the day.

  • Patent-pending comfort straps

The positioning of the support straps are engineered to help the back of your knee remain free from strap rub.

  • Two Fitment Options

Uniquely designed bracing that can be fitted for either left lateral and right medial, or vice versa fitting right lateral and left medial. Resulting in a drastically reduced SKU count. Less is truly more.

How to fit (Clinicians)

Find a Fitting Centre

Visit one of our dedicated brace fitting centres for expert advice and fitting of your brace. They will order the brace for you, and arrange fitting with their team. 

Find your nearest Fitting Centre HERE

These Fitting Centres operate separately from Motioncare but have received training on our products. Fitting Centres fees for fitting may vary. 



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