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The OA Nano combines Nano MAG™, a new hi-tech material, with DonJoy’s proven adjuster technology, and is the world’s lightest functional OA knee brace.  It is suitable for mild to moderate unicompartmental OA and is ideal for patients who want to stay active and move freely.


Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight design
  • Flexibility of the magnesium frame provides an intimate fit and increased comfort 
  • Nano MAG (on the loading side) provides strength for off-loading, where weight is mechanically shifted away from the damaged part of the knee
  • DonJoy’s clinically proven three points off-loading technology shifts the compressive loads from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment
  • 4-Points-of-Leverage and contoured frame design enhances brace suspension for all levels of activity
  • 1 year warranty on frame and hinge, 6 month warranty on soft goods

Arthritis Foundation

Along with several other DonJoy braces, the OA Nano has also earned the US Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use commendation which recognizes products proven to make life easier for people who have arthritis and other physical limitations. Independently tested by experts and evaluated by people with arthritis, Ease of Use products are easy to use for everyone. Learn more at arthritis.org/easeofuse.


How to fit

Click to download patient fitting guide


Find a Fitting Centre

Visit one of our dedicated brace fitting centres for expert advice and fitting of your brace. They will order the brace for you, and arrange fitting with their team. 

Find your nearest Fitting Centre HERE

These Fitting Centres operate separately from Motioncare but have received training on our products. Fitting Centres fees for fitting may vary. 



  • Brace must be purchased and received by the customer (hospital or patient) directly from Enovis. DonJoy braces covered by the 30-day trial are the OA Reaction Web, ClimaFlex OA, OA Nano and OA Adjuster 3.
  • The trial offer covers the cost of the brace only (no other costs associated with the purchase will be refunded or credited).
  • Valid only in the UK and Ireland. Claims must be received by Enovis within 30 days of ordering. To claim, contact the Service Centre team on +44 (0)1483 459659, or use the contact us page.

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