Motorpoint pen

Motorpoint pen

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The Motor Point Pen supports in locating the optimal electrode position for the muscle stimulation. For use with Chattanooga NeuroMuscular Electro Stimulators (NMES).

    How it works

    • The motor point is a point where the motor nerve enters the muscle, which is an extremely localised area where the motor nerve is at its most excitable. Although the location of the various motor points is now well known, there may nevertheless be variations of up to several centimetres between different individuals.
    • The Motor Point Pen, combined with the motor point program, allows determining with greater accuracy the exact location of the motor points for each individual and thus ensuring the greatest effectiveness of the programmes.
    • It is recommended to use this programme and the pen before any initial muscular electrostimulation session. Once located, the motor points can be easily identified by using a skin-marker pencil or in any other way, thus avoiding the need to repeat this process before each session.

    How to use 

    • Accurately locate the motor point for accurate electrode placement

    • Never use the motor point pen for any purposes other than locating the motor point of the muscle.

    • Clean and disinfect the tip of the motor point pen that comes in contact with the skin before each use.

    • Apply a small amount of gel to the skin when looking for the motor point to enhance patient comfort. 

    • Connect the tip of the motor point pen (preferably to the red connector). The other connector must be connected to an electrode already on the muscle to be stimulated.

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