Chatt-Tape (12 Rolls Per Box)

Chatt-Tape (12 Rolls Per Box)

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Chatt-Tape is a hypoallergenic adhesive tape made of very high-quality cotton. The ventilation in Chatt-Tape allows the skin to breathe, prevents moisture build-up, and helps to avoid rashes. The elasticity of the tape is designed to allow optimal fit on any part of the body without restriction in range of motion. A mild heat sensitive acrylic adhesive is used to prevent skin irritation and avoid unnecessary tension to the skin.

This non-medicated tape can be used on appropriate parts of the body to reduce internal disease and musculoskeletal diseases of the body, leading to a natural cure. It is a type of natural cure, by applying the tape on a contracting muscle, the blood circulation enhances. It is suggested that applying the tape on the skin in a specific way can alter recruitment and contraction of the muscle.

After application, the taped skin will form convolutions when the skin and muscles return back to their normal position. When the skin gets lifted by this technique, the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid beneath are better evacuated.

Chatt-Tape is registered as a medical aid Class 1, it meets the strictest quality requirements, is safe to use and does not contain any latex.

Tape width: 5cm

Quantity: 1 box with 12 rolls

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