AirSelect Standard
AirSelect Standard

AirSelect Standard

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The AirSelect Standard walking boot offers a moderate level of support and is indicated for stable fractures of the foot/ankle/lower leg, severe ankle sprain and post-operative immobilisation

Features & Benefits

    • Pre–inflated front panel aircell and custom inflation system
      • Provides individualized full-contact fit; no handbulb needed
    • Intuitive, integrated inflation system
      • Permits quick and easy customization of each aircell
    • Enclosed toe cover
      • Protects from hazards and the elements
    • Non-marking, skid resistant rubber tread
      • Improves traction and durability
    • SoftStrike technology
      • Absorbs and dissipates the energy during heel strike and reduce heel pain
    • Low profile rocker sole
      • Enables normal walking gait; reduces forefoot angulations and knee hyperextension
    • Trimmable and heat-moldable semi-rigid shell
      • Easily custom-fit for comfort
    • Sleek, open-frame design
      • Provides ventilated protection and supports compliance
    • Contours around the malleoli (ankle)
      • Eliminates pressure for sustained comfort
    • Three-strap system
      • Evenly disperses pressure and eliminates pooling of oedema
    • Latex free
    • Fits left or right leg


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    Patient Information Sheet

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    Ankle Sprain Guide


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