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The ActyFoot™ ankle support provides a functional, modular management option to help protect existing ankle injuries or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Stability in motion

ActyFoot’s removable lateral stay, unique strap system, and integrated foot plate combine to offer adjustable and comfortable support for the ankle, providing active users the stability they need to keep moving.

Protection through immobilization

Thanks to its modular design, ActyFoot can also be used to partially immobilize the ankle joint. By simply adding the attachable lateral stay, patients can receive the benefit of extra protection and support during the acute stage following injury.



Designed to provide support, stabilization and partial immobilization of the ankle. Acute lateral ligament injuries. Acute ankle sprains and ligament ruptures. Prevention of further injuries in pre-operative chronic ankle instability. Protection of ankle joint 



  • Three integrated straps provide proprioceptive feedback and work together with semi-rigid elements to stabilize the ankle and restrict excessive range of movement.  
  • Detachable lateral stay allows brace to be modified for use in both acute and chronic injury phases 
  • Low profile. Fits in most shoes or trainers and can be worn over a sock for additional comfort 
  • Can be fully opened to allow simple, secure application  
  • Calf strap provides additional stability to the ankle joint to help improve overall balance and control 
  • Cross strap further helps minimize the risk of ankle inversion 
  • Forefoot strap allows wearer to adjust compression as required to help manage swelling


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