Successfully Integrate Bracing & Supports Into Your Clinic

Introducing bracing an supports can be a simple addition to the services you offer in your clinic. Use these tips to make it a success.
  1. It is key to have the desire and motivation to offer bracing as a clinical service and widen the offering you have to patients. These are clinically proven products that will benefit your patients.
  2. All staff within the clinic need to have a general understanding of key products and technology - so that conversations can be had with patients. We recommend that this includes your clinical and non-clinical staff (such as reception), though clinical staff will need to know more detail. Staff need to be confident and comfortable talking to a patient about buying bracing and supports.

  1. You need to own your own marketing. There are lots of different ways to promote your services, and many are inexpensive. Think about in-practice displays and flyers, and your own emails and newsletters, before spending on advertising (either on or offline). If you use an agency to help with your marketing, make sure they know you will supply braces and support.
  2. Work with DJO to identify best the options for your patients.
  3. Help your staff to experts in fitting braces and are able to advise the best brace for the patient. Ask DJO for support, if required.
  4. Bracing can be an additional revenue stream for your clinic. Open a wholesale account on Motioncare and you can resell product to your patients, along with help fitting and using the product.

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