Give Confidence in buying DonJoy Knee Braces

Why Donjoy?

DonJoy is a world renowned Knee Bracing brand - used by leading sports organisations across the globe, including the US Ski Team, Team GB Snowsports, the US NFL, and International Rugby Players.

DonJoy knee braces are used throughout the UK and Ireland in both the NHS and Private Hospitals. If you ask many surgeons to name a knee brace company, they will likely say DonJoy.


Three things that make DonJoy braces special
1. 4 Points of Leverage Bracing This helps to significantly protect your knee. The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is responsible for stabilising your shin (tibia) bone on your thigh (femur). In a ruptured ACL, there is considerably less stability, meaning the shin bone can move forward from the thigh, and also rotate outwards. DonJoy's 4 Points of Leverage is made up of 4 anchor points, which limits the forward and rotational movement of the Tibia. This reduces strain on the ACL by 50%. In a PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) Brace, the straps are reversed, and the 4 Points of Leverage prevents the backwards movement of the shin bone (the function of the PCL).

4 points of leverage
2. The Fourcepoint Hinge - In ACL Braces - the Fourcepoint Hinge is crucially important. Think of it like brakes on your car - in this case, as you straighten your leg, the brace provides resistance. It does this to reduce the amount of time you spend ‘at risk’ of an ACL injury (between 0 and 30 degrees of Knee Flexion/Bend).

Fourcepoint hinge
3. Offloading Hinge - clinically proven to ‘gap’ the painful joint. A number of patients see instant results as the brace physically realigns the leg.


But why pay for a knee brace?


A knee brace should be though of as an investment. For a patient, it will allow them to confidently return to the sports and activities they enjoy - or simply to maintain a regular daily routine. The financial outlay is a small investment if it allows patients to get back to doing what they love. 

Skier with DonJoy Armor Fourcepoint brace

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