Renegade - ACL
Renegade - ACL
Renegade - ACL
Renegade - ACL
Renegade - ACL
Renegade - ACL
Renegade - ACL

Renegade - ACL

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  • Knee Sprains
  • Moderate to severe knee instability
  • ACL injuries and reconstructions
  • Ideal for return to sports activities


  • PROVEN PROTECTION: Dynamic frame design (4-Points-of-Leverage) significantly reduces strains on ACL
  • ALUMINIUM FRAME: Reduces brace weight while ensuring durability
  • BILATERAL POLYCENTRIC HINGES: Provide stability whilst matching natural knee movement
  • VISUAL EXCELLENCE: New, sleek, sports design
  • IMPROVED STRAPPING: Moulded tabs for ease of use
  • Short or Standard Calf? - Short calf is ideal for use while wearing boots


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