Introducing UltraSling PRO - a uniquely universal shoulder sling from DonJoy

Clinicians and their patients may already be familiar with the UltraSling name; the history of this range of shoulder immobilization supports goes all the way back to 1993 when DonJoy introduced the original UltraSling, and up until now the most recent addition to the family was UltraSling IV, released in 2013.

Now, in response to the changing post-operative care requirements advised by healthcare professionals for their patients, DonJoy presents the next stage in the evolution of this product range, UltraSling PRO.


A better post-operative experience for shoulder clinicians and patients

As with previous models in the range, UltraSling PRO builds on the success of its predecessors to offer an improved user experience. Like UltraSling III and IV, it continues to aid in:

  • Post-operative rotator cuff repairs and Bankart procedures
  • Capsular shifts
  • Glenohumeral dislocation and subluxation
  • Soft tissue strains and repairs

And it also comes in four variations:

  • UltraSling PRO – comprises adjustable arm envelope and shoulder strap, and neutral-position cushion
  • UltraSling PRO ER 15 – includes a removable 15-degree cushion for immobilization of the arm in external rotation
  • UltraSling PRO ER 30 – as above, but with a 30-degree cushion
  • UltraSling PRO AB – includes an adjustable cushion to provide either 45 or 60 degrees of abduction

However, where UltraSling PRO differs from its forerunners is that it also benefits from a number of improved adjustable features to help provide better comfort, compliance and convenience.


A uniquely universal shoulder sling

The user-friendly, modular design of the UltraSling PRO helps immobilize and support the patient’s arm and shoulder with a universal sling and shoulder strap option that’s easy to apply and adjust.

Telescoping, customizable straps may be easily trimmed by the clinician to fit a wide range of patients, and a removable contoured cushion helps provide abduction and relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve. To further add to the noted comfort of its predecessor (Sullivan et al., 2007), the soft, breathable mesh arm envelope provides ventilation, helping to keep the affected limb cool.

But its most exciting new feature is a shoulder ring that slides easily over the arm in supine or sitting position and helps evenly distribute weight, taking pressure off the neck. While many shoulder slings are complicated and awkward to fit, in combination with a set of quick-release buckles, this feature means UltraSling PRO can be easily donned and adjusted by the patient using only one hand.




Sullivan LG, Bailie R, Weiss N, Miller BS. An evaluation of shoulder external rotation braces. Arthroscopy. 2007 Feb;23(2):129-34.

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