General Questions and Answers

Q. Can I license the system without a clinician, physician or therapist assigned to assist me?
A. Users need a licensed clinical resource to help implement meaningful therapy programs and review patient progress. Patients typically have an existing clinician that is part of care plan or treatment plan that can be included as part of the MC360 program delivery. Patients are often able to use the MC360 programs at home independently or with the assistance of their care giver or in home care services aid.

Q. What makes up the Motion Care 360 Motion Based Care System?
A. MC360 provides a user application program to support physical and occupational therapy exercise activities and assessments. Our programs run on a patient or client computer workstation and based on security access, results data is sent to clinicians who monitor and support patient progress using a web based portal program.

Q. What type of MS Kinect Hardware do I need?
A. Users will be connecting the Kinect to their computer so a Kinect of Windows device is needed. These are available for purchase from Amazon and other sources on the web. A safe patient exercise space is also needed that is suitable for either, seated exercises which are often upper limb based or for a larger space for physical therapy exercises.

Q. What are the system requirements for operating MC360 programs?
A. The minimum specifications include;

  •     Internet - Internet Connection either direct connected or via wireless router is needed.
  •     Operating System - A PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 as the Operating System.
  •     Browser - MS Internet Explorer or Chrome
  •     Processor - A dual core processor of  2.4 GHz or better.
  •     Memory: 2 GB of RAM memory.
  •     Graphics: A graphics card is required.
  •     Hard Drive Space: 1 GB space available.
  •     Sensor Hardware: Microsoft Kinect for Windows connected via USB port.

Q. What is the pricing for the MC360 System?
A. We license the MC360 based on a monthly cost basis as part of a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) pricing plan. Depending on patients' needs and their clinicians requirements, pricing starts at $99/month.