About Us

MotionCare360, Inc. specializes in digitally enabling the rehabilitation process with low cost and simple to implement solutions for clinics and patient home use. The ability to quantify and measure movement with new technology has led to better and less costly patient assessment and improved ongoing evaluation of patient therapy progress. Our digital programs help clinicians create customized clinical treatment protocols for patients of many pathologies including TBI, Stroke, MS, CP and other neurologic conditions. These programs can now scale for use in both clinical settings  and for use in the home.
The value of patient motion therapy is that it provides improvement in patient functionality that leads to patient independence with less supplemental care service costs. Even small treatment movements, done mindfully and in high frequency can lead to improvements in patient outcomes as well as financial benefits to all involved.
Our new technology that allows us to measure and record movement with powerful results. Our MC360 products rehab treatment and assessment, leverage sensors two hundred times more accurate for fine movement detection then other devices used today. Using our MC360™ on a PC we can measure the characteristics of movement that matter most like timing, reaction time, range of motion, path precision, accuracy, stamina and how exercise movements chain or link together. 

Our goal might be best described as helping to restore a patient’s “Kinetic Melody”, which relates to a smoothness of functional movement that is efficient and meaningful.  To help accomplish that we include proven cognitive strategies that leverage the sensorimotor  treatment process.
MotionCare360 offer’s new options that create value and opportunity for the clinician and patient in today’s healthcare environment. 

At MotionCare360, our mission is to create therapy technology that improves people’s lives. We think one smart method of doing that is to create a safe, fun and seamless therapeutic environment that patients can access at home or in a clinical setting and where data can be appropriately provided to caregivers, therapists and physicians to support the success of the patient and the outcome confidence of healthcare payers.