• New Technology

    MotionCare360, Inc. makers of the MC360 online web-based system for physical and occupational patient therapy at home and in the clinic. Better assessment, more fun, effective exercise protocols and outcomes that matter.
  • Improving Lives

    Using technology to provide long-distance and localized rehabilitation equipment and services, MotionCare360 has the proven technology, delivery systems and protocols to enhance the lives of those affected by Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, MS and other devastating conditions.
  • Teletherapy

    MotionCare360 makes use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance. Providing real changes to real people.
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What Is MC360™?
MC360™, provides patient assessment and therapy exercises that improve processes vital to patient outcomes. Using assessment protocols, customized motion exercises, patient reward systems and data sharing, MC360 is a dynamic solution.

MC360 can be used anywhere, extending clinical therapy from a rehab center, to use in a residential or home environment.

  • Perfect For Rehab Centers and Home Use
  • Customized Treatment Regimes
  • Continuously Monitor Improvement
  • Testing Platform
  • Assessment System
  • Reporting and Reward System